Frequently Asked Questions - iPhone and iPad

You can use this link: iTunes warns that you will have to pay, but in fact the next message will confirm it found that you already payed for it, and you won't get charged twice. Just make sure that you are using the same iTunes account that you used to purchase the game the first time. In recent versions of iOS you can restore a past App Store purchase by following these steps:

The free credit timer represents the time left before you receive a free credit from our server.
The device needs to be connected to the internet to receive the free credit or update the timer.

Previously it was possible to send them to you Friends that only owned the free version.
The current workflow for using them was a bit confusing, so we have disabled this feature for now and we'll enable it in a later update.
We've got a few ideas of how to use credits in other ways in the Full Version (like buying extraballs) and we'll see if it works. If you have suggestions, please don't hesitate to share:

We archive monthly high scores for story mode and weekly high scores for burst mode.
Don't be surprised if scores are reset to zero. You can find your previous scores and all time high scores in Ranking. In the next update, this scores will accessible directly on the profile page.

The Soundtrack is an original track created for the game produced by 2 artists Tresh (Olivier Le Lan) and Bloop (Nicolas Tisserand).
The track is available on iTunes. More info on our blog post about the soundtrack.

The version supported are OS 3.x and OS 4.x.

Supported devices are : iPod Touch G3 and more, iPhone 3G(S) and more, and iPad.
Any hardware generation that support iOS 4.3+

Contact us using a Support Request Form or send an email to:
If it's a bug, please first check our post that contains a short list of Know Bugs.
If not found, please describe the issue and indicate the steps to reproduce it. Your feedback will help us make a better game.

To disable the music, enter the Pause Menu by tapping on the score in the top-left corner of the screen. The Pause Menu will appear, and you will be able to set the music volume or turn it off entirely.
Don't forget you can also start the game with your iPod playing and your music will continue playing in the game.

To select Flipper View or Top View, enter the Pause Menu by tapping on the score in the top-center of the screen. The Pause Menu will appear, and you'll be able to switch Camera.